About Sarv Store
Development and expansion of agriculture

Sarv Agricultural Store is one of the agricultural stores related to agricultural development and expansion. One of our goals is to lead farmers not to use chemical and harmful toxins to produce organic and healthy products for the dear people of our country. Our services are as follows:

Consulting, supervision, design, construction
and smartening of greenhouses


Types of culture media
(Pitmas and CocoPit)

Promote the planting of outdoor eggplant hybrid seeds for the first time
Increased production efficiency of products per unit area as a guarantee
Choose smart and accurate methods to fight pests and diseases
Changing the pattern of greenhouse cultivation for the first time in the cities of Varamin Pishva
Production of all kinds of organic greenhouse peppers in a completely professional way for the first time in Tehran province
Planting experimental seeds and evaluating them and selecting the best cultivar suitable for each region to present to farmers